How can I sign up on the Lookit platform?

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You have decided to participate in our online study? Great! First, you will need to subscribe to the Lookit platform. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper-right part of the page, click on “Sign Up”
  3. Insert a valid email address, a name to use in the platform, and a password of your choice of minimum 16 characters. Make sure you make a note of your password for future reference.
  4. You will be asked to read and accept the Privacy Statement of the platform. This document explains how personal information is handled and used on the platform. You can find a quick overview in the section “How is my privacy guaranteed?”
  5. Answer a few questions about yourself. Go to “My Account” -> “Demographic Survey”. Here the platform will ask you for some information, such as the country you live in, first language, how many children you have, etc. This is for improving the website and obtaining an overview of the audience the platform reaches. You don’t have to answer all of the questions. It is sufficient to just insert your country and click “Save” to proceed. If you feel like sharing more information for improving the platform, please go ahead!
  6. Add your child. Go to “Children Information” -> “Add child” and insert a name for your child for the platform (it can be a first name or a nickname, no need to use a full or real name), date of birth and gender.
  7. Set up your mail preferences: In the “Email preferences”, you can indicate whether and when you wish to be contacted. We suggest that you toggle at least the “A researcher has questions about particular responses (for example, if I report a technical problem during the study)”, so that we can contact you for any technical issues that may arise, but you can turn off everything if you prefer not to be contacted further by the platform. Alternatively, you can keep all the options if you also want your child to participate in other studies from all around the world!



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