How is my privacy guaranteed?

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Researchers using Lookit agree to uphold a common set of standards about how data is protected and shared. The Lookit researcher interface is designed with participant data protection as the top priority. All of your data, including video, is encrypted and transmitted over a secure HTTPS connection to Lookit storage.

You can end the study at any point and if you’re not comfortable with sharing your videos, you can also decide to withdraw them and they will be automatically deleted.


Information about different levels of privacy

At the end of the study, you will be asked to make two different decisions about sharing your videos.

First, you will be asked to choose what level of privacy you prefer for your videos, among the following:

  1. Private: This privacy level ensures that your video clips will be viewed only by authorized scientists (Lookit staff, our research group and, if you have opted to share your data with Databrary, authorized Databrary users). We will view the videos to record information about your child’s behaviour during the study – for instance, looking for 9 seconds at one image and 7 seconds at another image.
  2. Scientific and educational: This privacy level gives permission to share your video clips with other researchers or students for scientific or educational purposes. For example, researchers might show a video clip in a talk at a scientific conference or an undergraduate class about cognitive development, or include an image or a link to the video-recording in a scientific paper. In some circumstances, video-recordings or images may be available online, for instance as supplementary material in a scientific paper. Sharing videos with other researchers helps other groups trust and build on our work.
  3. Publicity: This privacy level is for families who would be excited to see their child featured on the Lookit website or in the news! Selecting this privacy level gives permission to use your video clips to communicate about developmental studies and the Lookit platform with the public. For instance, we might post a short video clip on the Lookit website, on our Facebook page, or in a press release. Your video will never be used for commercial purposes.

If for some reason you do not select a privacy level, we treat the data as ‘Private’ and do not share with Databrary. For any further information, please see the FAQ’s “How is our information kept secure and confidential?” and “Who will see our video?”.

Second, you will be asked whether you want to share your video with Databrary, a restricted access data library that is specialized for storing, streaming and sharing videos and audio recordings collected as research data or documentation. Sharing experimental data will lead to faster progress in research on human development and behavior. Researchers who are granted access to the Databrary library treat the data with the same high standard of care they would use in their own laboratories. Learn more about Databrary’s mission here.


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