What kind of information is collected and who will see it?

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When you register on the Lookit platform, when you add your child and when you participate in a study, Lookit collects different types of information:

  1. Account data: contact information that may include your email address, nickname, mailing address, and contact preferences.
  2. Child data: biographical information about your child, including nickname, date of birth, and gestational age at birth (optional).
  3. Demographic data (in case you indicated these): background and biographical information such as your native language, race, age, educational background, and family history of particular medical conditions.
  4. Study data: responses collected during particular studies conducted on Lookit, including the webcam video-recording of you and your child participating in the study, text entered in forms, the particular images that were shown, the timing of progression through the study.

These are securely stored on the Lookit storage and shared with researchers conducting the studies. Your data will be used by the Lookit platform for its development and improvement, while researchers like us will use the data to address particular scientific questions. There are some basic rules about how researchers can use your data: for example, researchers cannot use usernames, child nicknames, or contact information as a subject of research. For a complete overview of the use of personal information, see Lookit’s Privacy Statement, section “How we use your personal information?”


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