Do i stay with my baby during research?


Can I choose not to participate even if the study has already started?

Yes, you can pull out of the study at any point in time: the participation is fully voluntary!

Do I get a compensation for participating in the research?

You can receive travel expenses up to 10 euros and your baby will get a book or toy as a thank you.

Do I get the results of my baby’s performance?

We will communicate the results of the entire study on our website and in scientific publications. The results of one single baby is most of the time not interpretable.

How are my and my baby’s data protected?

In accordance with the European Data Act 2018 your data is confidential. There are two types of data. When you sign up, your data will be registered in a participant list. That list is kept in a secured file of the university’s website to which only authorized people can get access.

Your data will be automatically deleted when your child is three years old or when you send us a request. The research data will be saved anonymized with a code which is not traceable back to your name or your child’s name. The consent form you sign during the study is kept in a safe place until the research is finished. Afterwards the forms will be destroyed in a safe way.